I felt born again....again!

It was about 15 years ago that I heard some guy on Christian radio taking calls from listeners. Everyone wanted to talk about some book called Classic Christianity. They all sounded so excited about it! Not knowing anything about Bob George, I thought he was broadcasting out of the back of a pick-up. He just sounded so “down home”. A couple of days later, I walked by two people having a big discussion about a guy named Bob George who wrote a book, Classic Christianity. I thought that was a weird coincidence.

Two weeks later, a friend handed me a copy of Classic Christianity and said I should read it to see how “off” this guy is. My friend had marked it up with a red pen and made notes on all the parts that he thought were wrong (most of the book). As I read it, I started to see that my friend’s notes made no sense in light of the truths Bob was pointing out, using Scriptures to explain God’s grace. I read it in one day, and then read it again the next, making my own notes.

I felt born again, again. I shared with my wife all that I was learning, and to my surprise, she was experiencing a revelation of God’s grace all on her own. Everything I shared from Bob’s book was only confirming what God was showing her. Interestingly, it was listening to legalistic Bible teachers on the radio that led her to the truth of grace. Just hearing error after error had led JoAnn to believe something was wrong with these teachers, in light of Romans and Galatians.

Our love of Christ grew leaps and bounds as we came to understand all that He has done for us.

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