I knew immediately that it was the truth...

I was just listening to one of your programs covering, once again, the issue of forgiveness. This is the one thing I was SURE was heresy in your teaching, and it was the thing that kept me from buying and reading Classic Christianity for years. I went into Christian bookstores dozens of times and picked your book up and flipped through it, putting it down each time saying, "that is heresy. I can't be totally forgiven. I have to confess each sin after salvation to get forgiven, and so on".  

Little did I know that was the real heresy and it kept me in prison for almost thirty years due to cultic teaching in an abusive church. Thank God He persisted in tapping me on the shoulder, I finally bought and read Classic and knew immediately that it was the truth. It was just the beginning of a long journey with Jesus Himself.

Vickie in Georgia