I learned that Jesus Christ had died for my sins and was raised again so that I might experience God’s forgiveness and new life in Him. At that moment, I turned my life over to Christ. I prayed, “Lord Jesus, if You can change me, come into me and do it. I sure need to be changed."
Is this, then, what Jesus had in mind when He talked of an “abundant life”? No! But if people have never experienced anything different, they will accept their predicament as normal. They will assume “that’s just the way it is."
I knew the Bible frontward and backward, but that knowledge alone didn’t change my condition. In my experience, Jesus got lost in the Bible.
Lord, I don’t care what the organization that I used to be with taught me. I don’t care what the church I’m in or the denomination to which I belong has taught me. I want You to teach me afresh, all over again. I want to know the truth that You promised would set me free. I’m tired of listening to people. I’m ready to listen to You.
More than anything else, I wanted to know more fully the Person of Jesus Christ whom the Bible reveals. I thank God with all my heart that He led me to find what I was looking for—a return to Classic Christianity.
Christianity is not a religion; it’s a relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ did not come just to get men out of hell and into heaven; He came to get Himself out of heaven and into men!
The issue in salvation is life and death. Jesus Christ, spiritually alive, laid down His life for us. Why? So that He could give His life to us!
Until you rest in the finality of the cross, you will never experience the reality of the resurrection.
There is only one way to determine your identity that cannot be shaken, one foundation that cannot be taken away from you: “I am a child of God.”
We don’t need a good self-image. We need a proper self-image—one that comes from God’s Word.
The most powerful, life-changing power in existence is the message of God’s unconditional love and acceptance in Jesus Christ.
God will never love or accept you one ounce less or one ounce more than He does right this minute. That’s a truth to build a life on!
The goal of the Christian life is not to stop sinning! It is to start trusting.
To be filled with the Spirit is to be totally filled with the knowledge of God’s love and grace in Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ laid down His life for us, so that He could give His life to us, so that He could live His life through us! That’s the entire gospel in a nutshell.
We must first receive God’s unconditional love and acceptance for us before we will ever learn to love Him in return.
You may not know what will happen to you tomorrow, but you can know that the same Christ who loves you perfectly today is already there.
Listen, open the door of your heart, and discover that Classic Christianity is a Person—the living Lord Jesus Christ.
Classic Comments

I am free!

Bob, thank you for allowing me to finally GET IT! I’ve been struggling with my past sins for years, but it wasn’t until I had heard your program multiple times that I was finally able to understand forgiveness, and that the Law is DEAD! This has allowed me to be able to focus on the Holy Spirit’s calling in my life. I AM FREE. Praise God! I’ve also purchased Classic Christianity twice, and read through it twice. I’m now reading it for the third time.

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My life and ministry have been transformed

My life and ministry have been transformed by the message of grace that I first learned from Classic Christianity in 1992. Just this week, one of our cell group leaders said to me, “This is the first church that I have ever been in where I am seeing lives changed. The grace message really works.”

Jeff, New Jersey


I found real purpose and hope

I was really a depressed person. Even though I was a Christian, my life was still in constant turmoil. I was even contemplating suicide.

I found your radio program by luck (or so I thought!) and you gave me hope. I ordered Classic Christianity, and it made a HUGE difference in my life. I found real purpose and hope, real life in Jesus Christ. I want to thank you so much. Your ministry has been a true lifeline from the Lord! God bless you!

Ray, Arizona


Something is really happening...

I’d just like to say, Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for your book, Classic Christianity. I’ve been a believer for 41 years, but am now seeing the total picture of the message of the Good News. Even though I thought I was a solid Christian, I can’t believe that I’ve missed the significance of the message all these years—but not anymore!

My wife and I are going to go through it and the study guide together ad I can’t wait now to help our three kids get more firmly rooted in the truth. Something is really happening in my life at a time when it would be easy to give up. So, thank you, Bob.

Ed, British Columbia


Set me free...

Classic Christianity and the radio broadcast of People to People set me free from decades of legalism. I always believed I was a solid Christian with a strong foundation in the Word of God from the time I first accepted the Lord. For years, I was attempting to live the “perfect Christian life.” That verse, “Take heed, lest you fall”, became a reality when I made the worst decision of my life and fell hard into sin trying to obtain my own happiness, figuring I was “missing out” on life.

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Opened my eyes to grace...

Classic Christianity opened my eyes to the amazing message of grace. My desire is to start grace-based churches all over the United States and the world. This vision all started by reading Classic Christianity.Thank you for proclaiming the fullness of the gospel of grace. It is resulting in many changed lives causing thanksgiving to overflow to the glory of God (Colossians 1:3-8, 2 Corinthians 4:15).

Brad, Mississippi


He could have been writing about me...

A chat buddy recommended I get hold of Bob George’s Classic Christianity. At first, I was insulted, thinking he was simply out to peddle some books. However, a desperate need to have this Christian life make sense was too compelling. The next day, I drove to the nearest bookstore to purchase the book. The first few pages got me hooked. Bob George was attending every church function there was, had a good family, good life, and yet, was miserable. He could have been writing about me. I couldn’t put the book down. I couldn’t wait to find out how Bob handled our problem!

When I came to the end of the book, I knew I had a decision to make. Either I accept the gospel in its entirety, give up the “gutting it out for God,” or I turn my back on the whole thing. In a split second, I surrendered completely, to the One who loves me unconditionally.

Lisa, Florida


My life changed completely...

When the Lord put a copy of Classic Christianity in my hands, my life changed completely.

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This book has changed my life!

I am not sure how to start, but I will try to keep it brief. I am 27 years old and have grown up in church all of my life. I have always seen your book, Classic Christianity, but never read through it until the beginning of the summer. A woman I grew up with in the church asked if my roommate and I would like to go through the book and workbook. We agreed. My roommate has never had any form of a church background. So I thought this study would be aimed more towards her and I felt like I was along for the ride.

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Purchase Classic Christianity

Purchase Classic Christianity

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