I learned that Jesus Christ had died for my sins and was raised again so that I might experience God’s forgiveness and new life in Him. At that moment, I turned my life over to Christ. I prayed, “Lord Jesus, if You can change me, come into me and do it. I sure need to be changed."
Is this, then, what Jesus had in mind when He talked of an “abundant life”? No! But if people have never experienced anything different, they will accept their predicament as normal. They will assume “that’s just the way it is."
I knew the Bible frontward and backward, but that knowledge alone didn’t change my condition. In my experience, Jesus got lost in the Bible.
Lord, I don’t care what the organization that I used to be with taught me. I don’t care what the church I’m in or the denomination to which I belong has taught me. I want You to teach me afresh, all over again. I want to know the truth that You promised would set me free. I’m tired of listening to people. I’m ready to listen to You.
More than anything else, I wanted to know more fully the Person of Jesus Christ whom the Bible reveals. I thank God with all my heart that He led me to find what I was looking for—a return to Classic Christianity.
Christianity is not a religion; it’s a relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ did not come just to get men out of hell and into heaven; He came to get Himself out of heaven and into men!
The issue in salvation is life and death. Jesus Christ, spiritually alive, laid down His life for us. Why? So that He could give His life to us!
Until you rest in the finality of the cross, you will never experience the reality of the resurrection.
There is only one way to determine your identity that cannot be shaken, one foundation that cannot be taken away from you: “I am a child of God.”
We don’t need a good self-image. We need a proper self-image—one that comes from God’s Word.
The most powerful, life-changing power in existence is the message of God’s unconditional love and acceptance in Jesus Christ.
God will never love or accept you one ounce less or one ounce more than He does right this minute. That’s a truth to build a life on!
The goal of the Christian life is not to stop sinning! It is to start trusting.
To be filled with the Spirit is to be totally filled with the knowledge of God’s love and grace in Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ laid down His life for us, so that He could give His life to us, so that He could live His life through us! That’s the entire gospel in a nutshell.
We must first receive God’s unconditional love and acceptance for us before we will ever learn to love Him in return.
You may not know what will happen to you tomorrow, but you can know that the same Christ who loves you perfectly today is already there.
Listen, open the door of your heart, and discover that Classic Christianity is a Person—the living Lord Jesus Christ.
Classic Comments

I felt born again....again!

It was about 15 years ago that I heard some guy on Christian radio taking calls from listeners. Everyone wanted to talk about some book called Classic Christianity. They all sounded so excited about it! Not knowing anything about Bob George, I thought he was broadcasting out of the back of a pick-up. He just sounded so “down home”. A couple of days later, I walked by two people having a big discussion about a guy named Bob George who wrote a book, Classic Christianity. I thought that was a weird coincidence.

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I was giving up on Christianity...

My friend Brenda gave me Classic Christianity to give to my brother in 1993. At the time, I was struggling with guilt, frustration, and anger. Guilt over past sins, anger because I couldn’t understand why trying to live the Christian life was impossible, and frustrated over it. I told God I was giving up on Christianity. I love Jesus, but not this Christian stuff. Then I remembered the book Brenda had given me. “Hmmm,” I thought. “’Life is too short to miss the real thing’. Well, I’m missing it, so I’d better read this book.” I began reading, and could not put it down. I felt as if scales were falling off my eyes! I began to see life and God’s love in a whole new way—His way! Wow, He loved me FIRST! What a concept!

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We don't need to struggle...

I received Classic Christianity and Faith That Pleases God through a friend of mine. Truly, they confirm and strengthen the things God has been teaching me. Your teaching has freed our church from the traditional, non-essential, legalistic way we learned from our denomination. We have learned that we don’t need to struggle in our faith, but just simply respond to what God has done.

Pastor Fernando, the Philippines


I have a God who makes sense...

As I approach the 7-year anniversary of my daughter’s suicide, I have a God who makes sense and a Bible that makes sense. Your book, Classic Christianity, was one of the books God used to penetrate a darkness where I could not be counseled or consoled. I was poised to walk the same pathway to death as my daughter when I heard the still, small voice of God again in those few words of responding to God, coming from the radio through your program, People to People.

Nancy,  Texas


My view of myself has changed...

I heard about People to People from the book, Classic Christianity. I can never express how grateful I am for reading it! My view of myself—and God—has completely changed, and I’m now learning to walk in the freedom I’ve always had, but never understood, in Christ. I thank God for you and your ministry.

Kris, E-Mail


I have now been truly set free...

Thank you for your book, Classic Christianity. I’ve been a Christian for almost 25 years, and since then have lived under more bondage and despair than I did before I was a Christian. I have fought to live the successful, fulfilling Christian life, but have failed miserably time and time again. After a series of heartbreaking situations that took place in my life, and losing just about everything 5 years ago, I finally gave up. I refused to do anything with my life until it was made perfectly clear to me why I kept hitting walls. I was so tired of living the unsuccessful, unfulfilling, miserable Christian life. Finally, after 5 long years, the Lord led me to your book, Classic Christianity. In it, you pointed me toward the truth; a truth I have never understood until now. It was so simple; I don’t know why I didn’t get it before.

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Should be required reading...

Your book, Classic Christianity, is one of the most profound books I have ever read. I am 63, and have been a Christian for 25 years. I have been active in evangelism and discipleship, and in my church. Almost every page of your book provided a clearer picture of concepts I have known for years. Many things I now view in a much healthier and effective way. I have given away many copies of Classic Christianity, and have used it in a number of group and one-on-one studies. It should be required reading for all believers.

Fred, E-Mail


This book changed my life!

This book changed my life! Classic Christianity gave me a new and real perspective of who God is, and how He sees me. Because of this book, I no longer see God as someone sitting up in heaven with a wooden spoon, waiting for me to mess up so that He can bop me on the head. Instead, I see Him as God, full of grace and mercy, who loves me so much that He can’t wait to spend time with me! I highly recommend this book!

Mary, Washington


Changed by the truth!

Recently I hired a Christian man to do some remodeling. He told me of his confusion over so many doctrines, from charismatics and legalists. I told him about your radio ministry and gave him Classic Christianity. He read the book; several days later he thanked me, and said that his life was totally changed by hearing and understanding the Gospel for the first time. Every day after that, I saw him working away with headphones, listening to your radio broadcast. I thought you might like to know about another instance of someone’s life being changed by the truth.

Terry, Illinois


I checked out every verse...

I accepted Christ’s gift of eternal life through His death and resurrection 12 years ago after reading Classic Christianity. Thank you to Bob George for writing this book. It was amazing to see the scripture come alive in his book. I checked out every verse you used in my own Bible to be sure that the amazing news of grace was true. I had been churched, but didn’t know about salvation. Thank you for your passion to share the truth.God bless you and be with you.

Dianne, British Columbia


It is spiritual dynamite!

To tell the truth, Classic Christianity sat on my dresser for nearly 3 years because the title looked boring to me. I thought I knew everything about Christianity. I was arrogant and proud. For some reason, it caught my attention this spring. After I read it, I realized that it is spiritual dynamite.

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