I was just religious

I am 73 years old, and accepted Christ into my life at the age of 6 years old. From that point I began a life of being in church every time...etc. I attended independent churches, Baptist churches, So. Bapt. church. I was just religious. They all told the same story of how salvation is free but discipleship will cost you something. My husband and I raised 7 children. Three of our sons are pastors, and preached the same things. Until God took them to the end of their own endeavors and they got hold of Classic Christianity. I believe that God has to reveal truth to each of us and usually it is when we are at the point of desperation. That is where I was. I went to a squeaky clean church,

and did all the things that I thought were making me a good Christian. But it was hollow and I began to see that there were numerous thoughts and actions that didn't match, and that I couldn't live up to the rules of the church, the Bible and even my own set of do's and dont's. One day in my living room, in desperation I said, "Lord, I cannot do it anymore! I can't live this life, I have tried, and I love you, but You will have to show me something else, because this can't be all there is...!" It is almost as if He said, "I thought you'd never ask." Someone gave me a book called Gracewalk. I picked it up again and began to read, asking the Lord to open my eyes to truth, to know Him and learn what He teaches. Then I read Classic Christianity. What wonderful things God showed me out of those books, and I read them right along with the Scriptures and He began to reveal truth to me. This happened to our four sons, my husband and I, around the same time. This was about 2004. I could never go back to where I was before. I must say it took a good while for Christ to de-program our minds and replace with truth that we could live by. My trust and faith, which is really His faith, given to me because our Spirits are one, is unshakeable no matter my circumstances, and I am secure in His deep unfathomable love. Our sons are preaching the truth of Grace, who is a person. And one of them leads our home group. Thank you so much for your testimony and ministry which is helping so many who are longing to know God.

Marilyn, North Carolina