I was giving up on Christianity...

My friend Brenda gave me Classic Christianity to give to my brother in 1993. At the time, I was struggling with guilt, frustration, and anger. Guilt over past sins, anger because I couldn’t understand why trying to live the Christian life was impossible, and frustrated over it. I told God I was giving up on Christianity. I love Jesus, but not this Christian stuff. Then I remembered the book Brenda had given me. “Hmmm,” I thought. “’Life is too short to miss the real thing’. Well, I’m missing it, so I’d better read this book.” I began reading, and could not put it down. I felt as if scales were falling off my eyes! I began to see life and God’s love in a whole new way—His way! Wow, He loved me FIRST! What a concept!

I shared Classic Christianity with my husband, my children, my parents, anyone who would sit still long enough. They, too, began to see the truth of who Jesus Christ is, and what He did for us. It has been a tremendous journey. God has used Classic Christianity in a way that is impacting everyone around me. In my office, I have Classic Christianity in both English and Spanish to give to my clients.Thank you for the ministry of teaching others about the reconciliation we have through Christ. I am forever indebted to you.

Valoree, California