I am free!

Bob, thank you for allowing me to finally GET IT! I’ve been struggling with my past sins for years, but it wasn’t until I had heard your program multiple times that I was finally able to understand forgiveness, and that the Law is DEAD! This has allowed me to be able to focus on the Holy Spirit’s calling in my life. I AM FREE. Praise God! I’ve also purchased Classic Christianity twice, and read through it twice. I’m now reading it for the third time.

When I was able to shake off the guilt of my past sins, [I went] on a mission trip. God had me going over points of your book day and night. I went to bed thinking about it, woke up in the middle of the night thinking about it, and got up in the morning thinking about it. I was prepared…not for my reasons, but for God’s. On our last night, one of the youth was in a panic over his salvation. Satan had him questioning his salvation and he was extremely distressed. Every question he had was easily answered by your book. Because God had made me go over those points, I was prepared for this kid.

I gave him my copy of Classic Christianity. I had my name written in it; I told him to write his name in it, then pass it on to someone else when he was done, and have them write their name in it. I hope the book has so many names in it that they run out of room!

Scott, E-mail