This book has changed my life!

I am not sure how to start, but I will try to keep it brief. I am 27 years old and have grown up in church all of my life. I have always seen your book, Classic Christianity, but never read through it until the beginning of the summer. A woman I grew up with in the church asked if my roommate and I would like to go through the book and workbook. We agreed. My roommate has never had any form of a church background. So I thought this study would be aimed more towards her and I felt like I was along for the ride.

But I was willing to give the book a shot since I have never read it and I trusted the woman who was leading the study. Mr. George let me just say, this book has changed my life. God has shown me the error in my thinking and I have never felt so loved and accepted by God as I do now. It is an incredible feeling to know I have His strength to help me througout the day, everyday. And to know that I am forgiven! And that He died for MY sins ONCE and FOR ALL! I want to thank you for hearing God's voice and writing this book. We are not even all the way through the book yet but I am blessed that God has opened my eyes to see the error of man and his traditions.

I am happy to say too that God is calling my roommate as well. She, of course, has a lot of questions but Classic Christianity is able to answer those for her. She enjoys the study every week and we love to share with others what we are learning.

We also listened to your radio show for the first time yesterday and enjoyed hearing the answers you gave. Our neighbors probably thought we were crazy cause we were sitting in the truck the whole time your show was on because it didn't come in good in the house! But we look forward to listening to it everyday and learning more! We just wish you were on for an hour.....or even 4 hours!!!

Thank you for your wisdom. Thank you for listening to God and writing it all down in a book.

You have helped me tremendously!

Angeline, Michigan