Set me free...

Classic Christianity and the radio broadcast of People to People set me free from decades of legalism. I always believed I was a solid Christian with a strong foundation in the Word of God from the time I first accepted the Lord. For years, I was attempting to live the “perfect Christian life.” That verse, “Take heed, lest you fall”, became a reality when I made the worst decision of my life and fell hard into sin trying to obtain my own happiness, figuring I was “missing out” on life.

For years, I struggled trying to get right with God again, but I was always in that dark hole unable to climb out. I knew what the Word of God said about grace, but I was living in condemnation.

Then a friend suggested I read Classic Christianity. I cried and cried and cried. I think I read it four or five times trying to let the message really sink in. Then for a year or more, I started listening to the broadcast online every day at work. God pulled me from that hole and filled it in so I won’t fall back there again.

I have bought countless copies of that book and shared my copy many times over. I love listening to Bob George’s no-nonsense approach to the Word of God.

Brenda, New York