My life changed completely...

When the Lord put a copy of Classic Christianity in my hands, my life changed completely.

Years ago, I was a great mess. Brought up in a charismatic church, I learned to walk by feelings and not by faith in Jesus Christ. Eventually, my feelings led me to alcohol, drugs, and depression. When the Lord miraculously put a copy of Classic Christianity into my hands, my life changed completely.

I started studying my Bible like crazy, and I have grown in the Lord a lot since then. Now, the message of the grace of God is the most natural thing in the world to me, and I can’t even understand why it was so difficult to grasp back then.

I hope this news is also an encouragement to you. Last year, I translated Classic Christianity into Dutch. I even found a willing publisher. We are now in the final stage, and we are hoping it will be printed within a couple of months. I will send you a copy as soon as it is finished so you can learn Dutch!

Almost every day, I thank God for how he changed my life around. I also thank Him often for leading me to such a great, loving mentor and teacher who always helps me to keep my eyes focused on where they belong…on Jesus, and nothing or no one else.

Edwin, the Netherlands