Loosened me from the grip...

Published in 1989, this 205 page book loosened me from the grip of my false perceptions of God and Christianity.  On Easter Sunday in 1990, I closed the book and stepped from the cabin into the cool Sierra sunshine. I closed my eyes, feeling the warmth of the sun against my face. I began to experience a sensation of chains sliding from my body and soul, followed by a heavy thud as the entanglement fell to the ground. The eyes of my heart were opened at that moment in a way that was entirely new and very freeing! “This is the day of Christ’s resurrection,” I pondered, “and it is also the day of my new and resurrected life!”

I first heard the author of  “Classic Christianity,” Bob George, during his radio program around 1986. “People to People” became a daily part of my commute in the Bay Area of California. I drove the Monterey Bay to San Francisco Bay area  routes five days a week. Immediately, I  felt these broadcasts shed light on many dark areas of my thinking. I soon learned how religious legalism had formed  warped ideas about my Father God, about myself and others. This was the beginning of my coming to know and experience a new kind of life. The Life of Christ living in me and I in Him! A life that gives us some of heaven here on earth. A life of giving up the struggle, and a life of submitting to God as He lives His life through me!

Many years have past since that Resurrection Day memorial. I continue to find peace and patience in God’s own timing of everything, including my coming to know Him more personally through His Son, Jesus. It seems to take such a long time in becoming more like His Son, but it’s okay with me because He’s in charge of everything, including my progress in life on this earth."

Greg L Johnson

Inspired by Him