Classic jail!

I just wanted to drop you a note & let you know how Classic Christianity is being received at the jail. There are no copies on the library carts! They are all being read & passed from one inmate to the next in our multiple housing dorms. Today, an inmate that was really struggling with condemnation over poor choices that he had made in his life, flagged me down to say "thank you" for recommending Classic Christianity to him. I asked him what he had gotten out of the book. His whole face lit up with excitement as he described to me where he was in the book. The ministry of reconciliation is at work in his life & peace is present. We talked about the grace of God & how God gives us those "aha" moments of understanding & revelation as part of His Grace towards us. He is having one BIG "aha" moment reading Classic. He could not thank me enough for taking the time to talk with him & recommending that he read Classic. Thank you again for the ministry's gift to the inmates of Bastrop County. Wallowing in His Grace! Barbara,.Bastrop County Sheriff's Office